About Us

3D Games at Deerbrook Mall is a video game store that carries games, systems, and accessories dating back to the early Nintendo days! We also have on going specials on trade-ins, offer system repair services, and carry import toys and other novelties!

Our mission is to help customers find the perfect games and merchandise to fit their needs, all at competitive prices. All of us at 3D Games love games and anime ourselves, and we’re committed to sharing that happiness with you, too! 

What We Do

  • Buy, sell, and trade video games, video game systems, Pokemon TCG cards, and Amiibos
  • Repair game systems, video games, and accessories
  • Host gaming events, including video game tournaments, Pokemon League, and Pokemon TCG tournaments
  • Sell custom video game and anime related art created by local artists in the greater Houston area
  • Give you an awesome customer service experience that you’ll want to come back to again and again!