Trade with Us

We offer more cash and store credit for your games, accessories, and consoles! Whether you have retro consoles like the NES or Atari or next-gen games like the Nintendo Switch or Xbox One, we’ll be glad to assist you with your trade. We pay cash for your trade, or get 30% more when you choose store credit!

We pay for the following:  First party systems, and official accessories, Amiibo figures, Pokemon TCG cards, and most official console games and handheld games. To get full credit for a system, it needs to have all the accessories as it did in new condition. We take systems even if you don’t have all the accesories or controller, but you will be deducted the cost of replacing them.

We do not take the consoles and games for the following systems: Atari 5600, Sega Game Gear, Intellivision, Colecovision, TurboGrafx-16, Neo-Geo, Sega Mega Drive, Sega 32X, and Sega Mega Drive. We may make exceptions in rare cases, so please call us at 281-446-9197 before you bring in your stuff.


Good Condition

  • Must be in working order
  • Game label sticker is intact
  • Disc has no scratches
  • Internal battery working (if applicable)
  • Pin connectors clean
  • Joystick/buttons are tight/responsive
  • System has minor cosmetic wear
  • System has clean vents

Poor Condition

  • May be in working order
  • Game label sticker is not intact
  • Disc has scratches
  • Internal battery not working (if applicable)
  • Cartridge pins slightly corroded
  • Major cosmetic wear
  • Requires new joystick and/or buttons
  • Requires deep cleaning
  • System needs new pin connectors
  • System has clogged vents


  • Non-working products
  • Discs with dents, cracks, or holes
  • Third party accessories (except Logitech brand)
  • Counterfeit games
  • Used clone systems
  • Products with creepy crawlies inside
  • Cords with internal wires visible
  • Systems without original warranty seals (if applicable)
  • Peripherals such as fit board, drums, mics, power mat, etc.